What is the “new normal”?

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I read so many pieces that make reference to a NEW NORMAL as if it was a tangible and measurable target. What we are currently facing has no precedent so imagine your historical data and strategies were in a jar – they would have a sell by date of MARCH 2020. So wake up and smell the coffee, the only way forwards is to have access to near real time data and to start rebuilding your forecasting and reporting strategies. You will be expected to self-regulate so compliance is in your own hands.

The businesses that survive and flourish are the ones that have the latest measurement and monitoring systems with critical KPI data feeds main lining into a powerful database and straight into the hands of decision makers.  You need to be able to press a button and get information on what happened in the last hours and start building your forecasts and projections on a dynamic platform that can collect, analysis, compile and report on the very latest data. We must change the whole thought process and accept that historic data will only become a yardstick to measure recovery and cannot be used to support critical business decisions.

An example is the current requirement to understand actual occupancy levels of public enclosed space and also to make sure that enforcement is achieved though automated systems with auditable compliance.

At Reveal Systems our clients are benefiting from our near real-time reporting on occupancy levels in 5 minute and 15 minute time files and daily summary reporting for performance monitoring and audit purpose. Site staff also have near real time occupancy data available 24 hours a day direct to their smart devices through our RS Occupancy application.

All our team in Reveal Systems have been busy during the lockdown period. We have prepared a series of immediate solutions to support the requirements for social distancing and occupancy level control in enclosed space and we have quickly adapted our software to deliver the solutions that our clients are asking for.  We await the next phase of development when operators have got their premises back up to speed and then start to work out what systems they need. 

We thrive on partnerships so if you are seeing holes in your existing suppliers’ solutions then contact us and let’s work it out together.

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Reveal Systems is an expert in footfall intelligence, providing auditable data analysis and interpretation based on the movements of persons and vehicles. With over 20 years’ experience and a team of world class specialists in system design and data analysis, our solutions are powered by our exclusive RevealAsset software, ensuring businesses access and understand the data required to make informed decisions and drive results.


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