Smart Parking

Smart Parking is essential for any car park operator, whether at a transport hub, a supermarket or a shopping centre. Knowing when the car park is at capacity, where the available spaces are and where vehicles are queuing is essential to the smooth running of the facility and to reduce drivers frustration.

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Re-Route Traffic to Available Spaces

With real-time bay status data, our Smart Parking solution can direct drivers to the nearest available space.

Bay Status Displays

Show drivers which bays are empty with a single glance using our colour coded LED status identifiers

Measure Dwell Time Within the Asset

Using ANPR on entry and exit, AssetReveal can measure how long each visitor stayed in the asset.

Calculate Visitor Return Rate via Vehicle

Using ANPR cameras to identify vehicles, AssetReveal can produce long term reports showing return frequency.

Improve Parking Facility Security

With camera based bay status solutions, vehicle security is maximized and theft/collisions can be detected.
Monitor entry & exit time, dwell time and occupancy with RevealAsset

Identifying bottlenecks and queue points and responding automatically with vehicle re-routing maintains a constant flow of vehicles and gets drivers to their destination with less delays and less stress.

Smart Parking
The data collected by RevealAsset and the Smart Parking sensors allows for periodic reporting on peak times, vehicle return rates and visitor dwell time in the asset.
  • Our Smart Parking solution includes ANPR cameras, bay sensors, bay status indicators and digital signage for capacity and traffic routing. Real time, reliable and extremely accurate.
  • Powered by RevealAsset, our intelligent data processing platform, our Smart Parking solutions give car park operators insights into the performance of their facility and the experience their customers are having while using it.
Where Is Smart Parking Beneficial?

We offer bespoke systems for Shopping Centers, Retailers, Leisure destinations and Transport hubs – anywhere that managers need to measure and monitor their business.

Shopping Centres

By reducing frustration in the car park, Shopping Centres use our Smart Parking solutions to increase customer satisfaction and speed up visitors journey into the asset.

Retail in the High Street

The retail experience can be vastly improved with Smart Parking solutions. Direct shoppers to the nearest available space while collecting vital data to track vehicles and visitors.


Parking is a huge income generator for airports and it’s a critical part of ensuring user’s have a great experience. Our scalable Smart Parking solutions provide the insights and security airports need.

Railway Stations

Ensure your passengers get to their train on time with our Smart Parking solutions. Reduced queue times and car park capacity insights can help you improve the passenger experience.

Museums & Public Spaces

Our Smart Parking solutions provide space count information, vehicle identification and wayfinding/routing for Museums and Public Spaces, ensuring that daily traffic and major events are handled with ease.


Increase satisfaction and track visitors return rates with our Smart Parking solutions. Enabling queue reduction and enhanced vehicle security, every Supermarket needs Smart Parking.
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