AR Navigation: Way-finding mobile Application based on artificial intelligence
Way Finder

AR Navigation is a mobile application which allows visitors to find their way in a shopping centre via the camera function of their smartphone. Using a mapping structure built into the APP for each location, the application can guide a visitor between fixed points, and receive event or place information en-route (corresponding to a marketing operation at a point of sale, for example). If the visitor is also connected to the shopping centre’s WiFi network, the system offers retailers the possibility to connect to their mobile terminal to broadcast offers and attractions.

Create personalised experiences for your customers

Gone are the days of having to find a shopping centre map within the building. Give your customers the freedom to travel to whichever shop they desire using our Way Finder AR Navigation solution.

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Return to a specific point (like find my car)

Helping visitors to return to a fixed point such as a parking space ("Find my car" function).

Wayfinding from point to point

The AR Navigation application helps visitors to easily find their way to their shop in shopping centres.

Send Promotions and Marketing operations in progress in the store

Whenever visitors pass in front of a shop within the mall, a window is displayed in enhanced reality, with any promotions and marketing operations in progress in the store.
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