Visitor Flow

For any physical business it is vital to know not only how many visitors are in your facility, but how they move within the space. Knowing which direction people move in, where they spend most of their time and how long they spend in each area enables businesses to strategically market to customers, lay out facilities to highlight products and to optimise revenue generators like unit tenancy rates or food concessions.

Adapt store and product layouts through paramount visitor insights

Our visitor flow solution allows you to see the best attractions within your asset, helping you to grow from the knowledge and insights provided furthering your assets customer attraction.

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See Visitor Flow Through a Space

See the most popular routes through your asset and identify opportunities for growth along those routes.

Identify Most Popular Areas & Zones

Know which areas are most popular and add new attractions in other areas to improve your assets offering.

Area Specific Dwell Time Insights

Find out where visitors spend most of their time and optimise your sales & marketing strategies in those areas.

Determine High Value Floorspace

Use visitor flow data to determine which floorspace is of most value and maximise revenue through that space.

Improve Attractions & Facilities to Increase Visitors

Knowing how different attractions are performing enables you to add new facilities to drive traffic.
Understand your visitors' demands
Visitor Flow insights allow you to identify popular areas and increase revenue through those spaces, to change layouts and attractions in order to re-route visitors to less popular areas and to adapt operating hours, staffing levels and sales strategies to fit the real needs of visitors, ultimately improving their experience and increasing your profitability.
  • Our visitor flow solutions utilise WiFi and Bluetooth technology to track individual devices within a space, pinging each device from multiple sensors to identify it’s precise location and movement.
  • Our proprietary RevealAsset software takes an encrypted data feed and uses artificial intelligence to interpret and analyse the tracking data, providing our clients with comprehensive visual reports on visitor flow in their asset.
Where Are Visitor Flow Insights Beneficial?

Instead of focusing solely on pedestrian counting, our system extends to integrate all relevant performance data for a Shopping Centre.

Shopping Centres

Use visitor flow statistics to identify the most popular units in your Shopping Centre, re-route with optimized marketing and increase revenue in popular areas with new attractions & facilities.


Device tracking within a store allows you to identify the most popular product areas and optimise point of sale. Adapt staff levels to meet demand and drive traffic to less popular areas with these key insights.


The smooth running of airports relies on the movement of people, visualising and analysing visitors routes through the asset is key to optimising queue management and ensuring staff levels are correct.

Railway Stations

Ensure safety and maximise additional revenue with visitor flow insights showing the route visitors take through the Station and where they spend most time. Improve advertising revenues and optimise staffing.

Museums & Public Spaces

Analyse the most popular attractions within your asset by tracking visitors devices and creating visual data reports showing popular routes and dwell times within your museum or public space.


The supermarket sales strategy is all about shopper routes through the store, using our Visitor Flow systems you can track shoppers paths and validate those strategies by analysing where shoppers go.
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