Through artificial intelligence, Reveal Systems revolutionises mall navigation.

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The new AR Navigation mobile application from Reveal Systems combines navigation and enhanced reality without the use of GPS or Wi-Fi.

Paris, December, 2019

Reveal Systems, a leading provider of software for performance management in the retail sector, launches AR Navigation, a new mobile application that revolutionises the navigation of shopping centers and helps to optimize visitor engagement.

AR Navigation, the outcome of a year of development, is specifically designed for shopping center operators, whose main objective today is to engage their visitors more effectively by offering them new additional services that make their purchases easier and improve their user experience.

This revolutionary technology is a combination of highly accurate navigation and enhanced reality technology, with neither mobile GPS nor Wi-Fi connection, which is often randomly accessible in shopping centers.

To achieve all this, Reveal Systems initially maps very precisely all the surfaces of the mall in three dimensions, including the car park, by setting up fixed points at regular intervals. Once this mapping is done, the user of the application only has to indicate the desired destination. By opening the photo function of their mobile and pointing it vertically, AR Navigation instantly identifies their position and shows them the way to their destination by overprinting on the screen.

In addition, whenever they pass in front of a sign within the mall, a window is displayed in enhanced reality, with any promotions and marketing operations in progress in the store.

Other benefits of the application include a return to a fixed point such as a parking space (“find my car” function), and an analysis of the means of transportation used by visitors to get to the mall (car, public transit, walking, etc.).

“Until now, malls had solutions allowing them to compile attendance statistics. This information is essential, but no longer sufficient. To stand out from the competition, the most important thing for them now is to engage their visitors more effectively, building their loyalty and improving their shopping experience,” commented Russel Edwards, CEO of Reveal Systems. “Our AR Navigation solution meets this need. The application can be easily integrated into a loyalty program, for example, and can be profitable via a contribution from the brands on the augmented reality aspect. “

About Reveal Systems

For more than 15 years, Reveal Systems has provided Performance Management Solutions and Tools to help the Shopping Centre and Retail sectors to manage and control the performance of their premises more effectively. With deployments in Western, Eastern and Central Europe, their systems help their partners in the very critical and accurate collection of data such as internal and external flows, financial data collection, visitor profiles, and parking management. All of this is perfectly integrated into a single performance management tool.