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We are all starting to think about the world wide future effect of this pandemic! For now we can react to the immediate requirements of our respective industries and plan to make the best of whatever resource and opportunities develop, we are all glad to see the wheels are slowly turning.

In Reveal Systems we have been very busy developing and putting to market several system options to measure and regulate numbers of visitors to a monitored and defined space, this includes a purpose built APP to link smart devices with our monitoring systems and provide live occupancy data!  It is amazing how quickly we can adapt to change and innovate when the need arises.

In all public space there will be restrictions, regulations and perhaps future legislation designed to govern occupancy and use, much of this will have to be self regulating  i.e. individuals taking responsibility for their personal space probably with the option of using technology to monitor social distancing, plan destinations / routes / arrival times and possibly even pre-ordering drinks and food!.   Technically we can deliver all of the data required to monitor space BUT what about the governance and enforcement of such restrictions?

  • Planning a big promotion event in retail! How do you manage visitor space
  • Wayfinding and signage requirements
  • If you have a 30 storey office building what will the vertical movement strategy look like
  • Public transport delivers people to the city centre offices, museums, parks and shops
  • Use of restrooms and monitoring sanitation
  • Sports grounds, stadiums and festivals – will they become just a memory
  • How will you get 1000 people through a staff restaurant in designated times
  • How will co-workers use changing rooms, showers and personal storage facilities
  • How do we manage car parking

This is where the work needs to really start. This is not just about looking after occupied space but also re-imagining the use of vacated offices / factories and stores as the financial impact on businesses slowly filters through. Even when testing is established and vaccines are delivered we will face a changed environment. What will our future city centres look like, will there be resurgence of out of town destination shopping where access controls can be easily established? There is a potential for retail parks and outlet centres to continue in their conquest of the traditional shopping malls and the retail landscape of our small and medium size town centres could flourish as people opt to stay closer to home.

For now there are far more questions than answers but we will continue to discuss the possibilities across our client base and beyond and one thing is absolutely guaranteed:

  • Human beings are social animals
  • We adapt and change very quickly
  • We love to meet and mix with friends and family
  • We expect our environment to deliver this freedom
  • It will be the job of all of us involved in the design and occupation of industrial and commercial buildings to deliver on these demands

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Reveal Systems is an expert in footfall intelligence, providing auditable data analysis and interpretation based on the movements of persons and vehicles. With over 20 years’ experience and a team of world class specialists in system design and data analysis, our solutions are powered by our exclusive RevealAsset software, ensuring businesses access and understand the data required to make informed decisions and drive results.


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