Galeria Echo

Galeria Echo is one of the biggest shopping malls in Poland and the biggest centre in the region. It is located in the heart of the city of Kielce, which has around 200,000 inhabitants. The Gallery was rebuilt (refurbished) in 2011. It was transformed from a smaller mall into the luxurious large mall that it is today. Galeria Echo currently houses around 250 shops (tenants) of different brands and is well known for the popular brands as well as restaurants and entertainment venues throughout the mall.

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Galeria Echo
Visitor Flow/People Counting
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The Challenge

Due to being one of the largest shopping malls in Poland, Galeria Echo needed to be able to manage their visitor flow and tracking. Galeria Echo realised they needed to be prepared for major customer traffic from the start of the development which meant the installation of visitor flow solutions needed to be prompt. The solution for this challenge would mean Galeria Echo could accurately monitor and maintain the traffic within their shopping mall. Galeria Echo acknowledged that due to them being one of the largest shopping malls, they are able to continuously develop their marketing and internal strategies through the use of customer analytics.

The Brief

Galeria Echo, which opened in Poland in 2011, covers 159,000 sqm, of which 70,000 sqm is retail floor space. The shopping mall has four floors and is home to over 250 retail stores. It has 2,300 parking spaces and is one of many Echo Investment buildings. People counting was required on every floor of the shopping mall, as well as the ability to monitor dwell time, frequency or visits and the freedom to monitor different areas of the mall. To achieve this, Reveal Systems was required to strategically install sensors, cameras and store counters throughout the mall.

The successful installation of Reveal Systems’ solutions means that Galeria Echo can now monitor and control the shopping mall during the highs and lows, keeping them one step ahead of the game.

The Solution

The requirement was to install cameras and sensors in every entrance of Galeria Echo, as well as at strategic positions, such as escalators, lifts and passageways throughout the entire shopping mall on every level. Galeria Echo wanted a vast number of cameras to be installed so it could track and monitor dwell time, visitor flow, visitor frequency and behaviour statistics. This was achieved by installing hardware in the most strategic places throughout the mall. This meant Galeria Echo could access live analytics by using an RS Reporting application for smart devices, laptops and desktops.

This professional and easy-to-use application allows Galeria Echo access to live analytics in any location at any time, and to download specific reports whenever they are required and see the full scope of the shopping mall. This enables Galeria Echo to develop and progress by seeing which areas are performing better or worse.

Cameras were installed at the front of Galeria Echo’s most important tenants, which allowed it to monitor and cross-reference information and analytics provided by the tenants. This gave Galeria Echo full control over the shopping mall and traffic. Installing the cameras outside specific tenants enabled it to compare the different chains of brands and to make sure the division of brands was adequate and having equal, or near to equal, visitations.

“The platform is really user friendly and especially the mobile app which enable to get the data quickly even if they are out of the offices”
– Miss Wioletta, Galeria Echo

Having the correct information that is easy to obtain was essential and Reveal Systems delivered just that – a slick install of cameras and sensors with a user friendly and intuitive reporting platform.


Since the installation of Reveal Systems’ solutions, Galeria Echo has been able to access data daily. This has allowed the company to make decisions and take action within its strategy and marketing, right through to management. The RS Reporting application has allowed Galeria Echo to carry out seamless analysis and study the frequency of customer visits. Galeria Echo can now monitor the success and attractiveness of the marketing campaigns it implements. The company can also develop and improve these campaigns as it now has the required insight into people flow and traffic.

Galeria Echo has no need to change its marketing strategy, as it knows that Reveal Systems’ solutions will be its first port of call and can rely on the analytics provided by the application. Just as importantly, Galeria Echo is safe in the knowledge that Reveal Systems will have its back throughout!

Galeria Echo can now share its annual report with its tenants, which allows it to show which shops are performing better than others and gives it a strategic advantage when improving the shopping centre.

The Hot Seat!

Would you use Reveal Systems again?
“We have used Reveal Systems for a long time and will continue to do so if any further developments arise.”

What was it like working with Reveal Systems?
“Reveal Systems react very quickly, they are always helpful and there weren’t any objections or complaints concerning the project and installation.”

If you could choose 3 words to describe Reveal Systems, what would they be?
“Satisfaction, innovation and professionalism.”