Fashion House Group

FASHION HOUSE Group (FHGR) is a leading player in the European outlet sector and the largest developer/operator in the CEE and Russian markets, with a proven track record of opening and dominating the outlet sector in emerging markets. FHGR’s portfolio of projects that it delivers includes 6 successful outlet centres in Russia, Romania and Poland, with a total lettable area of more than 100,000 sqm.

FHGR specialises in both the development and management of outlet centres and offers an outlet dedicated, premium quality, experienced team of experts in the fields of outlet centre design, development, finance, leasing, operation and management. Consequently, it has built up a notable following of world-famous branded retail tenants.

FHGR is part of Liebrecht & wooD Group, a European real estate development company established in 1991, which for over twenty years now has been active in the biggest markets in the CEE region – Poland, Romania and, currently, Russia.

Fashion House Group
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The Challenge

With FHGR expanding and new centres under development, it was important to have reliable information about their customers. The first thing they needed to know and understand was their visitors’ activity and how many visits they were getting. FHGR acknowledged that they needed the information to help them to develop as they wouldn’t be able to benchmark existing or new developments without it. They needed an easy-to-use analytics platform for their research.

The Brief

The brief for the installation work was down to Reveal Systems as FHGR respects Reveal Systems’ knowledge in this area. When new developments are being created, FHGR often asks Reveal what their latest technology is, as they trust Reveal’s ability to provide the highest quality work.

FHGR was particularly impressed by the advanced technology as Reveal Systems offered Face Recognition, which allows insights into the visitors’ age and gender. This was something that FHGR was excited about as it meant they could delve deeper into visitor behaviour and analytics.

The Solution

The requirement was to install cameras throughout the outlet centre, ensuring they were strategically placed above every shop/tenant, within public areas and the walkways of the outlet centre. The strategic placement of the cameras ensures that all visitors can be captured and recorded, which enables FHGR to analyse the information provided.

As is standard with any Reveal Systems install, FHGR gets continued access to the RS Reporting application via desktop and smart device/tablet access. This allows them to gain access to reports and analytics in real-time and to continue accessing detailed reports, which can range from annual to hourly, on specific areas and locations where the cameras and sensors are installed.

As FHGR continuously use and trust Reveal Systems, one of their longest-standing centres in Romania has more than 10 years of footfall data; proving how beneficial and priceless Reveal Systems’ data is.

“Reveal Systems is the partner of choice from the beginning of the development of Fashion House””
– Alister Meek, Fashion House Group


FHGR has been able to gain access to accurate, reliable figures with few system errors or malfunctions. This allows them to share their analytics with tenants within the outlet centres – monthly analysis can be used in order to track and monitor how well a certain store is doing or how well a certain area of the centre is performing, allowing FHGR to make strategic changes. This also allows their tenants to make changes as they have insights into whether their store is performing adequately.

Fashion House can also monitor traffic and measure the success rates of certain active marketing campaigns. This gives them valuable insights into the ones that attract the most visitors. With the information obtained, FHGR can plan events. Whether it’s a half-price weekend or a sale weekend, FHGR know exactly how and where to market the events in certain areas of their outlet centres, and which stores to target more as they can monitor footfall with certain tenants.

The Hot Seat!

Do you have a certain contact at Reveal Systems?

“Reveal Systems’ customer service is second to none. Neil is my main point of contact and is a great asset to the team.”

Why did you choose Reveal Systems instead of another company?

“One of the reasons why we involve them is we think they are cost-effective. They have the latest advanced technology, so we get good service from them. Those are the reasons why we chose them instead of another company.”

If you could describe Reveal Systems in 3 words, what words would you choose?

“Timely, accurate and verifiable.” ­