Blue City

Blue City is a unique, fourth generation shopping and entertainment centre located in Warsaw, Poland, combining commercial, entertainment and office functions. It is in the top 5 of Warsaw’s best performing shopping malls. Blue City’s concept has received multiple accolades for providing visitors with both comfortable shopping and client friendliness, as well as a BREEAM In-Use certificate for its pro-environmental stance.

Blue City is home to more than 200 shops, restaurants, service points and entertainment facilities. There are also multiple attractions for children and frequent special events.

Blue City
Visitor Flow/Smart Parking
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The Challenge

Blue City has experienced continuous growth due to their demand in providing an extraordinary experience for their customers. This growth has been caused by internal development of the shopping mall which subsequently meant the performance of the mall progressed. Due to this increase in demand, it meant Blue City management recognised they needed to utilise and optimise both their external underground parking and their external multilevel parking in order to effectively monitor and maintain the smooth operations of their shopping mall. The solution for this challenge would mean Blue City have the ability to understand and monitor their customer behaviour from the start of their shopping experience. They would need live, accurate, smooth running data that they could access at any point to help aid them in any further development or day-to-day analytics.

The Brief

Blue City was developed in 2004 and quickly became the most dominant shopping centre in Warsaw. It required visitor flow, tracking and behavioural statistics information so that it could keep on top of the shopping centre. It also required knowledge of traffic flow and parking overviews.

Blue City’s main concern was to install an occupancy indicator system that would use green and red lights to indicate free and taken spaces, along with car number displays, so that it could clearly see the occupancy within the parking lot. It also needed fast reporting, quick updates and seamless solutions that could develop along with the fast-growing shopping centre.

The Solution

To achieve the brief, Reveal Systems installed cameras and sensors at every entrance of the centre. These cameras and sensors monitor both the entry and exit of every person entering the centre. To fully track visitor flow more hardware is placed around the main entrances of the shopping centre to ensure accurate analytics. By placing the cameras and sensors in these locations, it helps Blue City to track and maintain visitor flow throughout their centre. Blue City has the ability to check their statistics often as the analytics are uploaded straight to the server. This ensures that there is no bottlenecking taking place, which allows them to be as efficient as possible.

Sensors were placed throughout 1,500 car parking spaces across the multi-storey car park that recognise whether a car parking space is occupied or free. These numbers are then sent to display boards which are placed throughout the multi-storey car park, allowing visitors to know exactly what level has free parking spaces. These sensors allow accurate readings, which means Blue City continuously displays accurate information for its visitors.

Blue City was given access to the RS Reporting application via desktop and smart device/tablet access, as is standard with any Reveal Systems install. This has allowed them to gain reports and analytics in real-time. From annual to hourly reports, Blue City can now access detailed reports for specific areas and locations where the cameras and sensors are installed, and can “slice and dice” numbers wherever they need to in order to make their reports.

“I manage all the reports myself, the creation of reports is simple and you can quickly convert data to Excel spreadsheet!”
– Krzysztof Sajnóg, Blue City

It was essential that Reveal Systems could provide correct information that was easy to obtain, and it has delivered just that – a slick install of cameras and sensors with a user-friendly, intuitive reporting platform.


Blue City’s priority is to ensure that visitors enjoy the most pleasant of shopping experiences, from the moment they park their car until they return to their vehicle and leave the centre. There is nothing worse than driving around aimlessly searching for a parking space – and Blue City need do not need to worry about this with Reveal Systems’ Smart Parking solution.

Blue City has been able to accurately monitor the effects of their marketing strategies since installing the cameras and sensors throughout the shopping centre, and have been able to tally the results to times throughout the year. This ability to access the analytics of visitor flow and parking means that Blue City can successfully grow and develop its strategies year-on-year.

As Reveal Systems has been involved since the beginning of the Blue City development, the company has been able to keep on top of visitor analytics. This has enabled Blue City to stay ahead of the game from the get-go. Blue City’s main priority at the time was to receive reassurance that the shopping centre was performing adequately, and so it needed to use visitor flow solutions to measure the number of visitors. By installing Reveal Systems’ solution, Blue City has been able to consistently and accurately monitor the shopping centre’s performance.

The parking solution has helped Blue City to organise and manage its growing car traffic and parking needs. Blue City wouldn’t have been able to develop its parking without this seamless solution. The continuing use of Reveal Systems’ parking solution will enable Blue City to grow and develop naturally, allowing them to foresee bottlenecks and prevent any waiting times that could occur in the future.

The Hot Seat!

Would you use Reveal Systems again?
“We have had the mall systems since the very beginning, so we would happily continue with Reveal Systems.”

What was the process like with Reveal Systems, from booking to installation to completion of the project?
“Reveal Systems are friendly in their negotiations with an incredibly flexible approach, which allows for fast implementation. They are smooth and professional.”

If you could choose three words to explain Reveal Systems and their solutions, what would they be?
“Responsive, relevant and relational.”