People Counting

Businesses with physical space should always count visitors – whether it’s a store, a shopping centre, an office building, a museum or any other business. Knowing how many visitors are in your asset and when is critical data in making informed decisions, developing customer service and enabling effective marketing and sales strategies.

Drive data and enable long term trend detection through people counting

Our people counting solution uses sophisticated stereo video sensors and our powerful RevealAsset software to provide reliable and accurate people counting data for your asset.

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Calculate Asset Conversion Ratios

Know how well an asset converts visitors into buyers by combining people counting data with sales statistics.

Identify Trends & Patterns in Footfall

Combine people counting data with time, date, season & weather to identify and utilize footfall patterns.

Plan Staff & Resources Around Peak Times

An assets visitor numbers and peak times allow you to put the right resources in the right place at the right time.

Make Best Use of Space & Energy

Space utilization is vital in any business, knowing which spaces are used less identifies opportunities for change.

Benchmark Stores or Sites

Compare people counting data between assets in a group or areas within an asset to benchmark high performers.
People Counting
Our people counting solution allows businesses to benchmark locations and effectively allocate resources. It is the key to unlocking that data and enabling those insights.
  • The stereo video sensors placed above entrances give real time entry and exit data, adding date, time, direction of travel and object type while our proprietary algorithms in the RevealAsset platform clean and process the data.
  • RevealAsset converts raw data into visual and comprehensive real time and periodic reports on a global, regional, asset or even sensor specific level. The data presented by RevealAsset gives you business critical insights.
Where Is People Counting Beneficial?

Our systems are dedicated to delivering critical business information direct to the user at any time and in any place.

Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres use our People Counting solution to identify areas which attract the most visitors, allowing you to plan marketing campaigns, attractions and even set unit rental rates accordingly.


The most important measure of success in retail is store conversions. Combined with sales data and staff working hours, our People Counting solution tells you how many visitors came to the store, the available service capacity and what ratio made a purchase.


People counting in Airports can be a vital tool in identifying queuing bottlenecks, measuring traffic volumes and allocating staff resources to the right areas and ultimately ensuring that customers get to their destination as quickly as possible.

Railway Stations

For railway stations, visitor numbers is a vital statistic. With our People Counting solution, you can identify footfall patterns, make best use of the space available allowing you to assess the effectiveness of retail propositions.

Museums & Public Spaces

Public spaces such as Museums and Libraries rely on visitor data to secure funding. With high accuracy and reliability our People Counting solution is perfect for this data hungry business sector.


Supermarkets around the world need to know when their peak times are and how to adapt staff numbers to give customers the best experience right through to checkout. Our people counting queue management solution is a must for any supermarket.
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