Real-time occupancy solutions to help ensure compliance with social distancing and safe occupancy limits. 

Simplify space management, monitor live occupancy levels and prioritise the safety of staff and visitors.

Reveal Systems combines innovative products, resources and systems with powerful software to help commercial and industrial building managers manage the impact of coronavirus.


A fully integrated data hub
A unique blend of software and technology
RevealAsset Powered by Reveal Systems 4 Pillars

At the heart of our people flow solutions is RevealAsset the integrated data hub built on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Using real time data feeds from our people counting, device tracking, sales data collection and smart parking sensors, RevealAsset employs our industry leading algorithms to create deep insights and measurable analytics.

Putting the power of knowledge in your hands, RevealAsset shows how your asset is being used – where is popular and where the opportunities for development are. Giving you the power to enhance user experiences and increase conversions.

RS Reports App

Secure, real-time data, anytime, anywhere.

With instant access to your visit profiling through Reveal Systems smart app, you’re able to monitor KPI’s in near real time on mobile devices.

People Counting

Sophisticated video based footfall enabling insights and trend analysis.
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Smart Parking

Optimising efficiency and flow with real time vehicle and space data.
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Visitor Flow

Device tracking & AI insights to improve asset utilisation.
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Behavioural Statistics

Measuring activity & spend to inform development decisions.
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Measure & improve the customer journey

From parking to paying, our solutions enable you to understand and analyse your visitors’ behaviours.

Evaluate Marketing Effect

Compare campaign schedules to footfall and engagement within the asset to evaluate successful marketing.

Plan For Peak Times

Use people flow and vehicle tracking to identify potential bottlenecks and implement solutions early.

Compare Location Metrics

Collate data from multiple locations to compare KPI metrics across sites, stores and buildings in a portfolio.

Maximise Asset Revenue

Use space insights to benchmark valuable areas within an asset and ensure the maximum revenue is achieved.

Effectively Deploy Staff

Schedule staff around peaks in visitor numbers to ensure consistent & effective customer service.

Improve Customer Service

Understanding customer behaviour allows staff to be strategic and informed in their customer service.

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