Behavioural Statistics

Track your customers actions to measure how they spend and what products, marketing or attractions converted them with our Behavioural Statistics solutions. By combining data feeds and a wide range of people tracking metrics, businesses can gain conversion insights on an overall or user-specific level, enabling them to optimise strategies and make effective changes to improve results.

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Analyse How Many Visitors Make a Purchase

Combine data feeds to get a clear view of conversions in an asset – how many of your visitors make a purchase.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness by Conversions

Combine conversion data with marketing campaigns to measure the effective of marketing on revenues.

Determine Dwell Time on Promotions & Adverts

With detailed visitor tracking, combine promotional floorplans with hot-spot reports to see dwell time data.

Adapt Staffing to Meet Demand

Use real world data to implement new staff routines, ensuring customers are always encouraged to convert.

Benchmark Different Locations/Stores on Conversion

With sales conversion data collected from a range of locations, benchmark stores in a chain or a mall.
Understanding visitor engagement and acting on auditable information

Determining a diagnostic of current and future needs of the customers, the requirements of all parties, short and long term goals. The studies combine quantitative and qualitative research on focus groups, using verbal projective techniques.

Stay one step ahead with RevealAsset
Using this business critical data you can benchmark different locations/stores and analyse successful conversion factors to improve revenues and profitability.
  • Access to the resulting reports is instant with access to AssetReveal through mobile app and desktop platform. The power of insights is available in real-time and 24/7.
  • Powered by our bespoke RevealAsset system, our Behavioural Statistics use quantitative and qualitative techniques to drive deeper understanding of how clients engage with your asset. Our statistics can which determine how your visitor engages with the environment on a personal and emotional level, allowing you to turn that attraction in to conversion.
Why Are Behavioural Statistics Beneficial?

Operating RevealAsset’s intuitive interface allows users of all levels to quickly and easily access the data they need.

Shopping Centres

Track customers behavior in your shopping centre and measure conversions, comparing marketing campaign timings with peaks in visitor traffic and sales and identifying opportunities for improvement.


Benchmark stores and improve staffing routines to ensure that customer service staff are effectively converting customers. Matching spend data with people count to give a unique insight into effectiveness.


Airports can use Behavioural Statistics solutions to determine how passengers move and interact with the Airport. Measuring visitor counts, sales revenue & dwell time to drive customer satisfaction.

Railway Stations

Measure and analyse how your train station is used – time and seasonal trends, conversion rates in retail concessions and dwell time within the facility. Use visitor data to improve attractions & sales.

Museums & Public Spaces

Determine how visitors behave in your space, which attractions they interact with and what influences them to visit the space with sensor and data-based Behavioural Statistics.


Vital to the success of any supermarket, Behavioural Statistics will give insights into how a store is converting visitors into buyers, which items they spend their time on and which areas need improvement.
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