COVID-19: Reveal Systems launches innovative solutions to enable physical distancing

Reveal Systems has introduced a series of innovative primary solutions to simplify space management, monitor occupancy levels and prioritise customer safety.

With many countries across the globe easing lockdown measures, Reveal Systems has developed a series of products, resources and systems to help all industry sectors including our traditional client base in shopping centres and retailer adjust to “the new normal”.  With APP based “near real-time” occupancy reporting, automated access control and temperature screening at the core of Reveal Systems’ solutions, our expert team can help all businesses to comply with the World Health Organisation’s physical distancing guidelines.

Reveal Systems Owner and CEO, Russell Edwards comments:

“In anticipation of resolving some of the issues that businesses will face in the coming months we have developed a series of innovative solutions to provide an immediate response and help protect staff, customers and assets during these challenging times whilst also adhering to the physical distancing and space occupancy guidelines.  Provision of systems are only part of the equation and I anticipate that additional business KPI’s  in future will be enforcement and auditable reporting of performance against specified targets. We will be working closely with all industry sectors to develop new products and services as the user requirements PLUS future legislations and regulations become more defined.”

The new solutions include:

Real-time people counting and occupancy reporting

People counting and tracking sensors count inflow and outflow of any monitored space, this will allow management teams to comply with strict capacity constraints – Options will include outputs to smart devices and variable message LED display panels to provide specific instructions to persons approaching a monitored space. The technology is GDPR compliant, with all data collected and processed directly in the sensors.  Management and security staff can also access occupancy data directly on a purpose built APP which is now available.

Automated access control gates

Automated access control gates add another level of control and enforcement to our monitoring systems. This provides a physical barrier to correctly control visitor numbers while protecting staff, minimising management costs and saving valuable resource.  The gates can be controlled direct from our monitoring system or manually by local override where required.

Temperature screening

Thermal imaging technology ensures shopping centres, supermarkets and retailers can quickly and efficiently detect anomalies in people, such as high body temperatures. Though unable to detect coronavirus, it is a non-contact, high accuracy solution that assists with health, safety and welfare compliance, whilst improving staff and customer confidence. The device reports the precise surface temperature of any object (within+/-0.3 degrees centigrade and 1 metre of the sensor). 

The new solutions have been designed to monitor the occupancy levels of all monitored space and allow managers to:

•           Adhere to specified occupancy thresholds

•           Comply with social distancing guidelines

•           Measure real-time customer visits

•           Control access efficiently

•           Optimise traffic management strategies

•           Accurately understand visitor flow information and shopper density

•           Restore customer confidence

•           Ensure compliance with hygiene standards

About Reveal Systems

Reveal Systems is an expert in footfall intelligence, providing auditable data analysis and interpretation based on the movements of persons and vehicles. With over 20 years’ experience and a team of world class specialists in system design and data analysis, our solutions are powered by our exclusive RevealAsset software, ensuring businesses access and understand the data required to make informed decisions and drive results.


UK: Russell Edwards +44 (0)7831 295 529

France: Slavica Smith: +44 (0)7889 784228

Poland: Romana Pindel: +48 (0)735 208 520

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We are all starting to think about the world wide future effect of this pandemic! For now we can react to the immediate requirements of our respective industries and plan to make the best of whatever resource and opportunities develop, we are all glad to see the wheels are slowly turning.

In Reveal Systems we have been very busy developing and putting to market several system options to measure and regulate numbers of visitors to a monitored and defined space, this includes a purpose built APP to link smart devices with our monitoring systems and provide live occupancy data!  It is amazing how quickly we can adapt to change and innovate when the need arises.

In all public space there will be restrictions, regulations and perhaps future legislation designed to govern occupancy and use, much of this will have to be self regulating  i.e. individuals taking responsibility for their personal space probably with the option of using technology to monitor social distancing, plan destinations / routes / arrival times and possibly even pre-ordering drinks and food!.   Technically we can deliver all of the data required to monitor space BUT what about the governance and enforcement of such restrictions?

  • Planning a big promotion event in retail! How do you manage visitor space
  • Wayfinding and signage requirements
  • If you have a 30 storey office building what will the vertical movement strategy look like
  • Public transport delivers people to the city centre offices, museums, parks and shops
  • Use of restrooms and monitoring sanitation
  • Sports grounds, stadiums and festivals – will they become just a memory
  • How will you get 1000 people through a staff restaurant in designated times
  • How will co-workers use changing rooms, showers and personal storage facilities
  • How do we manage car parking

This is where the work needs to really start. This is not just about looking after occupied space but also re-imagining the use of vacated offices / factories and stores as the financial impact on businesses slowly filters through. Even when testing is established and vaccines are delivered we will face a changed environment. What will our future city centres look like, will there be resurgence of out of town destination shopping where access controls can be easily established? There is a potential for retail parks and outlet centres to continue in their conquest of the traditional shopping malls and the retail landscape of our small and medium size town centres could flourish as people opt to stay closer to home.

For now there are far more questions than answers but we will continue to discuss the possibilities across our client base and beyond and one thing is absolutely guaranteed:

  • Human beings are social animals
  • We adapt and change very quickly
  • We love to meet and mix with friends and family
  • We expect our environment to deliver this freedom
  • It will be the job of all of us involved in the design and occupation of industrial and commercial buildings to deliver on these demands

About Reveal Systems

Reveal Systems is an expert in footfall intelligence, providing auditable data analysis and interpretation based on the movements of persons and vehicles. With over 20 years’ experience and a team of world class specialists in system design and data analysis, our solutions are powered by our exclusive RevealAsset software, ensuring businesses access and understand the data required to make informed decisions and drive results.


UK: Russell Edwards +44 (0)7831 295 529

France: Slavica Smith: +44 (0)7889 784228

Poland: Romana Pindel: +48 (0)735 208 520

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Insight: Online shopping trends during COVID-19

As most countries across the globe remain in lockdown due to COVID-19, retailers fear the impact on supply chain and ecommerce. But where some industries suffer, others succeed. It’s clear that as the pandemic continues to evolve, so do consumers’ priorities.

Leading luxury retailers have already seen an unprecedented downturn in footfall and sales. British fashion giant, Burberry, reported a decrease of between 40 and 50 per cent over the last six weeks, while Primark’s parent company, Associated British Foods, said a fifth of its selling space was already closed.

Having recently produced a report on COVID-19 just weeks ago, we found shopping centres across our portfolio in Central and Eastern Europe tumbled 76.2 per cent year-on-year. It is clear the temporary closure of many high streets, shopping centres and retail parks have heaped more pressure on retailers; however, there is hope that the existence of ecommerce may limit the harmful impact of coronavirus on the global economy.


The hit to fashion and luxury sales is expected to be worse than initially feared after considerable growth over the past decade. According to Boston Consulting Group, revenues are expected to plunge between 25 and 35 per cent this year. Luxury shopping has always been more focused on delivering a personal experience to consumers. That said, when you combine store closures with factory stoppages and consumers pulling back on spending, fashion retailers must do everything in their power to weather the storm.

Ecommerce is a critical channel for fashion retailers, and we’re likely to see a further shift towards online channels over the coming weeks. For example, Levi’s – a luxury brand that has survived the world wars and the 1918 flu pandemic – has been investing more in its ecommerce business, adding features designed to attract young shoppers, to cope with a decline in footfall. Sales rose 5 per cent for the first quarter (ending February 23), but Levi’s has confirmed the impact of the outbreak would be “materially significant” for the second quarter. The recent increase was partly due to the company’s efforts “to find ways to connect more strongly with consumers during the period of time that they’re cooped up.”


With many homeowners temporarily out of work, self-isolating or working from home, the demand for DIY and garden equipment surged. Towards the end of March, Kingfisher, which owns B&Q and Screwfix, reported a 37.7 per cent rise in like-for-like sales, with growth of 8.6 per cent the week before. According to the IMRG Capgemini online retail index sales of electricals and DIY products soared 42% and 14% during the first week commencing 23 March (when lockdown measures began in the UK).


In most countries, retailers that sell food, drugs and other essential items can still do so in physical stores. Some anticipated that online sales in this sector would grow considerably with people less willing to visit busy supermarkets and put themselves at risk. Still, with many online delivery slots reserved for those in the vulnerable category, many people need visit supermarkets on a weekly or daily basis to buy essentials.

In Germany, some observers believed lockdown measures would prompt a rise in ecommerce sales for retailers that sell food, however, according to the Bundesverband Ecommerce und Versandhandel (BEVH) 41 per cent of online retailers said the number of customer orders had fallen, while 58 per cent expected a further decline in the coming months. It’s also worth noting that over half of internet users in Germany aged between 18 and 69 have never shopped for groceries online, according to 2019 poll by ibi research and the Digital Commerce Research Network. The outlook in the UK is seemingly positive, with data from Contentsquare revealing transactions on supermarket increased 221% in the week ended April 3, while overall traffic improved by 36 per cent.


With many countries in lockdown mode, Europe’s most prominent beauty markets are slowing; however, there is some positive news to report, particularly for UK beauty retailers. According to Contentsquare, UK online sales of personal care products rose by 53 per cent from April 6 to 12 2020. This is perhaps a sign that the “lipstick effect” is occurring – when consumers spend money on small indulgences during economic slumps. Many beauty brands have invested more in online operations too, with Glossier and Kiehl launching virtual consultations, to guide prospective customers on the products that are right for their needs.


While gyms, fitness studios and fitness franchises are certainly feeling the financial blow from the coronavirus pandemic; there is some positive news in this industry, particularly for suppliers of exercise equipment. There are signs that many people have invested in exercise equipment to stay in shape while they self-isolate. For example, Peloten, a leading fitness equipment supplier, saw shares rise by 9.2% in March, while downloads of its app were reportedly up five times compared to February.

Do retailers need to innovate online to survive?

Many brands have long delayed investment in digital transformation; however, it’s clear that in many cases, retailers have seen positive signs when they have adapted their offering. Primark is one of the very few giant fashion retailers not to have an ecommerce operation, meaning it has no means to sell stock during lockdown and the resulting “new normal”. That said, logistics and supply chains are already feeling the effects of COVID-19, and for many large retailers, investing more in ecommerce may not provide the rapid solution required to improve sales. Companies must also focus on keeping staff as safe as possible as well as maintaining a positive brand reputation. For example, several non-essential online retailers have made the difficult decision to close their ecommerce stores temporarily, including Schuh, Moss Bros, Fenwic and Next.

To survive the coronavirus pandemic, there can be no one-size-fits all solution, however, the outbreak has given retailers across all sectors the opportunity to align themselves more closely with their customer’s needs. For those brands currently selling online and seeing a rise in sales, it’s critical not to be complacent. Selling products or services online may be one aspect of survival, but consumers still demand a good level of customer service. It’s important to highlight any potential delays to deliveries while ensuring customer enquiries are responded to quickly. According to Marketing Week, 78% of consumers believe brands should help them in their daily lives, with 45% of consumers wanting to see companies putting in place plans to protect the supply of services or products. From small boutiques to giant retailers, one thing is clear; remaining loyal to customers and suppliers in these challenging times may be the basis for survival.


About Reveal Systems

Reveal Systems is an expert in footfall intelligence, providing auditable data analysis and interpretation based on the movements of persons and vehicles. With over 20 years’ experience and a team of world class specialists in system design and data analysis, our solutions are powered by our exclusive RevealAsset software, ensuring businesses access and understand the data required to make informed decisions and drive results.


UK: Russell Edwards +44 (0)7831 295 529

France: Slavica Smith: +44 (0)7889 784228

Poland: Romana Pindel: +48 (0)735 208 520

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What should retailers be doing as they brace for the impact of COVID-19?

Coronavirus restrictions vary across Europe, though many countries have announced a range of constraints such as social distancing, public gatherings, flight bans and school closures. 

You only need to look at our recent report to see the impact the pandemic is currently having on the retail industry, with shopping centres in CEE seeing footfall nosedive between 23-29 March 2020 – with a year-on-year drop of 76.2%. With many non-essential retail businesses requested to close their doors to save lives and protect their employees and customers, retailers are responding in different ways. 

Every shopping centre, luxury fashion outlet, supermarket, coffee shop and fast food outlet is, of course, unique, facing a multitude of challenges during the pandemic. That said, we’ve added a series of general tips that can help you survive the coronavirus outbreak, and maximise performance when you come out the other side.

Protect your people and your reputation

Coronavirus has already taken over 70,000 lives worldwide (at the time of writing this report), and we understand the pressure businesses face to protect the health and safety of their staff and customers. For example, with many retailers’ physical stores closed, the spotlight recently has been on fashion warehouse staff. Though maintaining the two-metre distancing role can prove difficult in certain situations, it is possible with the right processes in place. At the same time, protective gear should be provided to workers, such as hand sanitizer, gloves and masks. 

By ensuring greater safety for staff, you can maintain a positive brand reputation, which will serve you well when restrictions are lifted, and the road to recovery begins. Any signs of failure to increase safety measures or protect your employee’s income can cause significant reputational damage, so it’s essential to keep this in mind. 

Utilise online operations – but only if it’s safe to do so

There have been many cases where retailers have ceased online operations after being unable to keep distribution and fulfilment centres open, such as McDonald’s, Next, TK Maxx and River Island. As expected, certain categories will benefit more than others during this pandemic. For example, according to the latest IMRG Capgemini Online Retail Index (which tracks the online sales performance of over 200 retailers), UK online sales of electricals surged by 42.4% year-on-year. It is reported that the spike was caused mainly by British consumers purchasing home office equipment, games consoles and freezers to better cope with the lockdown period. With the increased demand for online shopping, traditional retailers may need to consider a more omnichannel model, rather than relying on brick-and-mortar stores.

Access government support and focus on cash flow

Recently the German government said it would provide 2 billion euros in financial assistance to help keep its growing tech businesses afloat. In contrast, the UK government recently launched cash grants as well as the Business Interruption Loan Scheme, which allows retailers to borrow up to £5 million, interest-free for up to 12 months, with no personal guarantees required for loans under £250,000. 

The European Commission also approved a series of multi-billion-euro state support packages for Greece, Poland and Portugal to help soften the economic impact of the coronavirus through grants and loan guarantees. It’s crucial retailers gain an understanding of the support that’s available as it may be possible to cover all or most of your immediate working capital and investment needs. 

Right now, it’s too early to for retailers to identify the impact of quarantines and social distancing measures across Europe. That said, it’s positive to see China is starting its recovery, stimulating the demand for online shopping, strengthening supply chains and focusing on cash flow. Retailers in Europe can learn lessons and take a more proactive approach, identifying all existing credit lines, and stopping or postponing all non-essential capital spending. 

Support frontline workers and protect the vulnerable

From healthcare professionals to delivery drivers and sales assistants, the pandemic has already seen many retailers focus efforts on supporting those on the coronavirus frontline as well as the elderly and vulnerable, offering packages of aid, products and services. It’s not just supermarkets setting aside coronavirus supplies, many fashion brands, both big and small, are working to make a difference. 

As the retail sector’s relief network grows, many beauty brands have shifted focus. For example, Louis Vuitton’s parent company, LVMH, has pledged to use its perfume factories to manufacture hand sanitiser to reduce the risk of a shortage in France amid the coronavirus pandemic. Similarly, French luxury fashion firm, Kering, has pledged to create face masks in repurposed factories, as well as donating sale proceeds to charities that are supporting the most vulnerable. 

Keep your staff and customers informed

It’s important we all keep a close eye on the news during such challenging circumstances, but do crosscheck stories and monitor trusted sources, such as World Health Organization (WHO) advice as well as local and national government guidance. For retailers, in particular, the information provided to staff and customers must be accurate and timely, so focus on delivering clear communications. Keeping customers informed doesn’t necessarily require daily updates, as you may cause ‘notification fatigue’, yet sharing significant developments is crucial so long as the information is relevant and accurate.

Re-run risk assessments and utilise existing systems and processes

Employers have a general duty to conduct risk assessments, however, as more draconian measures are introduced, and coronavirus cases continue to soar, re-running risk assessments is vital. You can then use the findings to better prepare and respond to potential incidents, while delivering cross-functional recommendations covering key areas such as supply, inventory, workforce, online operations, store operations, business continuity and consumer behaviour. 

Look to the light at the end of the tunnel

With people rightly focusing on the essentials that they require on a day-to-day basis, consumer nervousness is growing. That said, every retailer, supermarket, shopping entre or food chain has a role to play in protecting the welfare of colleagues, consumers and partners. There is likely to be a great deal more disruption to supply and demand, retail operations and logistical flows. There are, however, opportunities to innovate, control costs, maintain a positive brand reputation and take care of your staff. Merely waiting out the virus cannot be an option for most retailers.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Report

Retail footfall in CEE plummets 76% as COVID-19 cases soar.

Across Europe there have been over 10,000 deaths since the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Bordeaux, France on the 24th January 2020. With closed borders, travel restrictions, school closures, daily government updates and lockdowns in Central and Eastern Europe, shopping centres saw footfall decline drastically between 23-29 March 2020 – with a year on year drop of 76.2%.

A slight increase before an unprecedented decline

As an expert in footfall intelligence, Reveal Systems provides people counting, data analysis and interpretation. Looking at the latest Reveal Index data from our installed base in Central and Eastern Europe, we discovered a slight boost of 1.6% in the week commencing 10 February 2020, before slumping to record lows throughout February and March.

The colossal 76% plunge in footfall in March 2020 represents an unprecedented decline across our portfolio, with retailers hugely affected by Government measures, warning consumers to remain indoors unless shopping for essential items.

Summarising the mammoth fall in footfall throughout Central and Eastern Europe, Reveal Systems CEO, Russell Edwards, said:

“So often we call on our many years of experience to analyse situations and predict possible timescales for future change.  In these unprecedented times we have no experience on this scale and in the short term we can only watch what is happening day to day. The real work will start as soon as the lockdowns ease and the population starts to return to a new way of life. In that period our systems will be invaluable to our clients as they track visitors in and around their assets. Our thoughts go out to the people who have suffered tragic loss and distress. We would also send our thanks and support to the millions of care workers and the people still working to keep food chains active around the World.”

About Reveal Systems

Reveal Systems is an expert in footfall intelligence, providing auditable data analysis and interpretation based on the movements of persons and vehicles. With over 20 years’ experience and a team of world class specialists in system design and data analysis, our solutions are powered by our exclusive RevealAsset software, ensuring businesses access and understand the data required to make informed decisions and drive results.


UK: Russell Edwards +44 (0)7831 295 529

France: Slavica Smith: +44 (0)7889 784228

Poland: Romana Pindel: +48 (0)735 208 520

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Company Statement – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

These are uncertain times as we all deal with the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our daily lives. The health, safety, and wellbeing of our employees, customers and suppliers will always be our top priority. We are in daily contact with our field engineers to ensure they are aware of the current advice and recommendations to keep them as safe as possible and they are equipped with cleaning and sanitising products in the event they have to travel. We also have a network of remote support agents that can provide localised support where necessary. Our office based employees are now working from home and all non-essential trips and client visits are curtailed.

At Reveal Systems, it is still ‘business as usual’ in the day to day operations and solutions we are involved in.  We have in place a robust IT infrastructure and well developed remote diagnostics and home working solutions available to the team so there should be no interruption in our ability to respond to our customers’ requirements.

We will continue to monitor government advice closely and will react according to any further guidelines issued over the coming days and weeks.

Please continue to use your normal contacts if you have any questions or you can email us on  We look forward to getting back to normal as soon as we can.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Be safe and stay healthy!

About Reveal Systems

Reveal Systems is an expert in footfall intelligence, providing auditable data analysis and interpretation based on the movements of persons and vehicles. With over 20 years’ experience and a team of world class specialists in system design and data analysis, our solutions are powered by our exclusive RevealAsset software, ensuring businesses access and understand the data required to make informed decisions and drive results.


UK: Russell Edwards +44 (0)7831 295 529

France: Slavica Smith: +44 (0)7889 784228

Poland: Romana Pindel: +48 (0)735 208 520

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Fashion Network: la réalité augmentée pour se guider en centre commercial

Fashion Network parle de notre solution AR Navigation, un GPS personnel pour aider les visiteurs des centres commerciaux à se rendre au magasin souhaité.

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Through artificial intelligence, Reveal Systems revolutionises mall navigation.

The new AR Navigation mobile application from Reveal Systems combines navigation and enhanced reality without the use of GPS or Wi-Fi.

Paris, December, 2019

Reveal Systems, a leading provider of software for performance management in the retail sector, launches AR Navigation, a new mobile application that revolutionises the navigation of shopping centers and helps to optimize visitor engagement.

AR Navigation, the outcome of a year of development, is specifically designed for shopping center operators, whose main objective today is to engage their visitors more effectively by offering them new additional services that make their purchases easier and improve their user experience.

This revolutionary technology is a combination of highly accurate navigation and enhanced reality technology, with neither mobile GPS nor Wi-Fi connection, which is often randomly accessible in shopping centers.

To achieve all this, Reveal Systems initially maps very precisely all the surfaces of the mall in three dimensions, including the car park, by setting up fixed points at regular intervals. Once this mapping is done, the user of the application only has to indicate the desired destination. By opening the photo function of their mobile and pointing it vertically, AR Navigation instantly identifies their position and shows them the way to their destination by overprinting on the screen.

In addition, whenever they pass in front of a sign within the mall, a window is displayed in enhanced reality, with any promotions and marketing operations in progress in the store.

Other benefits of the application include a return to a fixed point such as a parking space (“find my car” function), and an analysis of the means of transportation used by visitors to get to the mall (car, public transit, walking, etc.).

“Until now, malls had solutions allowing them to compile attendance statistics. This information is essential, but no longer sufficient. To stand out from the competition, the most important thing for them now is to engage their visitors more effectively, building their loyalty and improving their shopping experience,” commented Russel Edwards, CEO of Reveal Systems. “Our AR Navigation solution meets this need. The application can be easily integrated into a loyalty program, for example, and can be profitable via a contribution from the brands on the augmented reality aspect. “

About Reveal Systems

For more than 15 years, Reveal Systems has provided Performance Management Solutions and Tools to help the Shopping Centre and Retail sectors to manage and control the performance of their premises more effectively. With deployments in Western, Eastern and Central Europe, their systems help their partners in the very critical and accurate collection of data such as internal and external flows, financial data collection, visitor profiles, and parking management. All of this is perfectly integrated into a single performance management tool.

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MAPIC – The international retail property market

13 November –  15 November 2019

Reveal Systems leadership team will be exhibiting at MAPIC in Cannes!

MAPIC is the International retail real estate event for key property players and cities to build the ultimate lifestyle and shopping destinations.

MAPIC is the place to meet your future business partners and to uncover new ways of doing business. They offer an extensive event space where more than 750 companies are exhibiting. The event will include conferences where industry leaders will share their expertise and insights to help your business grow. Furthermore, there are over 8500 participants who are focused on networking and meeting new people.

Reveal Systems will be showcasing their existing solutions: People Counting, Visitor Flow, Smart Parking and Behavioural Statistics.

We are continuously developing new products and will also be launching and demonstrating our latest and  unique product!! Come to our stand P-1.G71 and be the first ones to see it!

Interested? Send us a message and we will be more than happy to schedule a meeting with you at MAPIC.

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Transvulcania Ultramarathon 2019

Reveal Systems ran the Transvulcania ultramarathon 2019 last week! 74.3km in 15.45 hours. Transvulcania is a long distance race that takes place in the island of La Palma and is considered the hardest mountain-ultramarathon in the Canary Islands. Huge congratulations Miet on finishing this beast of a race!


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